Selling A Property - After Exchange

Once the Contract becomes unconditional either after the expiry of the cooling off period or where a Section 66W Certificate is provided on exchange we will:

  • Obtain confirmation from the agent that the balance of the deposit has been paid;
  • Provide you with written confirmation of the date of exchange and expected settlement date together with detailed information as to the procedures that need to be implemented before settlement can take place;
  • If you have a mortgage you will need to contact your mortgagee (lender) to arrange the discharge of the mortgage.  You will need to sign a Discharge Authority.
  • Set up a Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) workspace and invite all other parties to join into the workspace and set up a settlement date and time.
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  • Advise your selling agent of the date of exchange and expected settlement date;
  • Obtain your instructions as to answers to the Purchaser’s “Requisitions on Title”, which are a series of questions the purchaser asks you about the property;
  • Deal with any issues that crop up and obtain your instructions;
  • Keep you informed;
  • Check settlement calculations including the amount your mortgagee (lender) requires to be paid on settlement to discharge the loan;
  • Provide you with a Settlement Sheet detailing the adjustments of council, water rates, levies and any other outgoings, such as rent or land tax. The Settlement Sheet includes details of the distribution of the settlement funds;
  • Remind you that you need to vacate the property on or before the day of settlement and provide vacant possession. Please ensure you remove all rubbish from the property including any items that you may have stored under the house, in the roof or in the garage;
  • Forward to you a Tax Invoice of our professional fees and disbursements, which is usually paid from the settlement funds;
  • Answer any queries you may have in relation to the settlement;
  • Authorise the PEXA settlement
  • Advise you settlement has taken place;
  • Advise your agent in writing that settlement has taken place and authorise release of the keys to the purchaser;
  • Provide the agent with the purchaser’s authority to release to you the deposit less commission, GST and advertising fees;
  • Provide you with a formal settlement letter;
  • Scan the Contract for future reference;
  • Retain all the data dealing with the sale for future reference – there is no charge for this service;
  • Archive your file and send it to our storage facility – there is no charge for this service.