As a Vendor (Seller) of residential property you will need a Contract for Sale of Land prepared by a Property Lawyer before you or your selling agent can offer your property for sale to prospective NSW property purchasers.

The Contract must contain the following “vendor disclosure” documents:

  1. Full Title search for the property including a copy of the Deposited or Strata Plan together with any documents detailing any easements and/or covenants affecting the title;
  2. Zoning certificate from the local Council;
  3. Drainage Diagram;
  4. Swimming Pool Compliance or Non-Compliance Certificate.

We obtain these documents through our online facilities with the Department of Lands, Sydney Water and local councils.

In addition, the Contract may also contain:

  1. Special Conditions;
  2. Specific details of any defect with the property e.g. if the property is affected by a road widening proposal;
  3. Survey Certificate;
  4. Council Certificate of Compliance;
  5. Final Occupation Certificate;
  6. Home Owners Warranty Insurance Certificate;
  7. Foreign Resident Capital Gains Clearance Certificate if the property is likely to sell for an amount in excess of $2 million;
  8. Land Tax Certificate;
  9. Building Over Sewer Letter, where part of house or other improvements have been constructed over the sewer;
  10. Residential Tenancy Agreement or Commercial Lease, if the property is to be sold subject to an existing tenancy;
  11. Details of any Special Levy (whether already struck or proposed by the Owners Corporation), if you are selling a strata property.
  12. Land Tax Certificate

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire providing us with full details regarding you, the property you are selling, the selling agent, your lender and your loan reference number (if you have a mortgage).

If you have a mortgage registered on the title to your property, your mortgagee (lender) will hold the electric copy as security for repayment of your mortgage (loan).

If you do not have a mortgage we will ask you to locate the original Certificate of Title for the property.

We provide prompt conveyancing solutions (usually the same day) and can answer any questions you may have in relation to the sale process.

Once we have received all of the disclosure documents, any additional document and your answers to our questionnaire, the Contract will be prepared the same day. The Contract will then be emailed to you and your agent. We will also provide the agent with an original and a copy of the Contract.

Your property can then be listed for sale.